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The work, play, and everyday
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Josh came back to visit from NYC. he makes Videos. This is what he made.

Me My Bike and I

Me My Bike and I

A little Track Stand never hurt no body.

Echo Park Friday May 15th 2009

Midnight Ridazz BIKE TO WORK WEEK

Midnight Ridazz

The Midnight Ridazz are going for a not so midnight ride. 6-830 to talk to chanel 4 then go for a day ride. I wish I could take off work!

Click here for info. HERE

Watch where you hand goes.

handI end up watching the bachelor ever season its on. Either I hang out with people who watch it or Its on after another show I watch, either way I watch it. Kim has been on it this year so I have been watching it with her making my comments who I think will be the best fit for the guy of the year. Last night when he didn’t choose what Kim and I thought was his perfect match I slapped my wine glass that was in my lap and cut my damn hand.

Ava in the house!

Ava was in northern California with her Aunt Gra and her Dad Fred shooting pictures at Mavericks They shot this picture and then I played with it.


Its not just a city thing.

Even rural folks love the airbrush.

Get that ass.

Chris RUN!!!!


A Piggy Back Back Flip

A Whole New World?

Remember in the little murmaid….you know the penis tower? Well this must be the same artist. He or she is now in advertising.



Who uses Tapes anymore?

Today I stumbled upon this little gem. Its a human Skeleton made completely out of melted audio tapes. I guess they are still in use, not just in my car.




Chi Chi Chi Chi Chaaaaang, Peter Chang

Peter Chang is a dancer, aspireing artist, and an over all jerky boy living in Washington D.C. We first worked together on the Document which was a show fusing breakdancing and painting. This video shows him with his crew 4F and some friends in the LabRats. Enjoy.

YouTube Preview Image

Living on the Sun

The Antics tour made a home stop in Pasadina and Hit and Run did the printing. Max, Marc, Jake, Bradley, Jarrad and myself all worked the support role. I stayed with the printing and helped out by getting people to sign up. When they sign up we gave them a shirt and then Hit and Run put three or more designs on a shirt. We had 300 blanks and at least 3 prints on each shirt, that makes over 900 hits! The temperature sored to 106 where we were and by the end of the day Jake was tripping out. It was a good time but It was the hottest I have ever been in California so far.


Live Printing

Mesck 9unknown

Zach Mellion of the 9unknown has started stealing souls with a 5d. Photo missions spanning all across the greater Los Angeles area and beyond.

La Sign. Z. Mellion

Screen Printing

My friend Max works at Filter Magazine. He and a bunch of friends are traveling up and down the coast screen-printing for a Filter/Toyota promotional tour. They will be doing live screen-printing at the events that will have some pretty cool bands. Ladytron was at an event they worked at a bowling alley.

The Toyota Matrix they are driving sits on 20″ and the wheel wells are not so big so sometimes when they are on the road the wheels grind.

In the words of “The Clipse”

Top down, chrome spinnin’
You see the boss grinnin’, I’m lovin’ these damn women
I let two get in (Uhh…)
She tried to let the rest fit in
I’m like, “Naw love, that’s forbidden” (Get down!) I ain’t for squishing
That’s a problem to the wheel well
Trust I know them twenty’s real well

Max Printing in front of Spaceland in Silverlake

The Matrix they are driving.

Fake or not. This guy is so funny.

YouTube Preview Image

I like this guys sense of humor.


YouTube Preview Image


Placebo. I love them. Yes I do. 


“I’m coming up on infrared, there is no running that can hide you, 

Coz I can see in the dark. 

I’m coming up on infrared, forget your running,

I will find you.”

The best sex ever


YouTube Preview Image

A lonely girl talks about her best sexual experience ever. Please take note to the music in the background…’s almost like a drone….just strange. This video is perfect like it can’t be real there has to be some master mind behind it. Some man or woman behind a curtain.